Future transport solutions, digital simulation, cybersecurity, smart cities, mobility and blockchain were all topics covered at the second ThesisDay@SystemX event, held on 21 March this year in Palaiseau, in partnership with VEDECOM.


Throughout the afternoon, around 30 PhD students from IRT SystemX and VEDECOM presented their PhD work to an audience of 100 people. The event included several highlights.

Doctorate: synergy between academics and IRT & ITE in R&D projects

A round table exploring doctorate synergy on R&D projects between academics and IRT and Energy Transition Institutes (ITE). The discussion was moderated by Patrice Aknin (Scientific Director at IRT SystemX), with participants including:

  • Fethi Ben Ouezdou, Scientific Director at VEDECOM
  • Nicole Bidoit, Professor at Université Paris-Sud, Head of the STIC Doctoral School at Université Paris-Saclay
  • Yves Le Guennec, Engineer and Researcher at IRT SystemX, Head of Science and Thesis Supervisor
  • Fabien Leurent, Professor at École des Ponts ParisTech, Thesis Supervisor at VEDECOM
  • Laurent Pautet, Professor at Telecom ParisTech, Thesis Supervisor at IRT SystemX

Speakers emphasized the unique environment that IRT SystemX and VEDCOM offer their PhD students, highlighting the “outstanding standard of teaching“, “impressive market focus” and opportunity to “work with people from a range of backgrounds“.

3 minutes to convince you!

11 PhD students took part in a “3 minutes to convince you” session—inspired by the “My Thesis in 180 Seconds” competition—presenting their thesis in just three minutes to an audience with no background in the research area.

Watch their presentations:

Katherine Evans, VEDECOM, “L’intégration de processus de décision éthiques dans des agents artificiels autonomes : le cas du véhicule autonome” :

 Xavier Boulet, IRT SystemX, “Articulation d’échelles en simulation de déplacements multimodaux” :

 Mohamed Hassine, IRT SystemX, “Gestion de l’incertitude dans l’exploration des architectures des systèmes” :

 Farah Haidar, IRT SystemX, “Plateforme de validation des communications véhicules sécurisées et de haut niveau de confiance pour les systèmes coopératifs ITS” :

 Abood Mourad, IRT SystemX, “Human Centered Urban Mobility – Synchronization for Shared Mobility in an Uncertain Environment” :

 Laurène Claussmann, VEDECOM, “Copilote coopératif et anticipait pour une délégation de la conduite automobile fiable et robuste en milieu autoroutier” :

 Reza Vosooghi, IRT SystemX, “Conception, modélisation et simulation des services Robot Taxi” :

 Joseph Kamel, IRT SystemX, “Misbehavior Detection for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems” :

 Pierre-Marie Bajan, IRT SystemX, “Simulation d’activité et d’attaques : application à la cyber défense” :

 Jean Oudot, IRT SystemX, “Architecture de sécurité optimale pour les systèmes du transport intelligent” :

 Maxime Redondin, VEDECOM, “Approche performantielle de la maintenance de la signalisation horizontale” :

Poster exhibition

Nearly 25 PhD students shared their thesis work with the public through a poster exhibition. Everyone was invited to vote for their favourite presentation and poster using a blockchain app developed by the Blockchain for Smart Transactions project at IRT SystemX.

Download the exhibited posters:

 Ouail Al Maghraoui, IRT SystemX: Human Centered Urban Mobility – Usages Scenarios, Users and Novel Services.
 Danya Bachir, IRT SystemX: Mobile Phone Data Analysis for the Estimation of Daily Urban Dynamics.
• Hanna-Mae Bisserier, IRT SystemX: Blockchain Technologies and the Law: an Interdisciplinary Study.
• Wei Chen, IRT SystemX: Formal Models for the Conceptualization and Characterization of Use Cases for the Autonomous Vehicle.
• Antoine Durand, IRT SystemX: Blockchain Consensus for IoT.
 Yann Duplouy, IRT SystemX: Une sémantique opérationnelle pour les modèles Simulink.
• Emma Effa-Bella, IRT SystemX: Reconciliation of Change in the Context of Heterogeneous Models.
• Niezi Mharsi, IRT SystemX: Base-Band Unit Function Split Placement for C-Ran.
 Kévin Pasini, IRT SystemX: Representation Learning for Mobility Digital Footprints Analysis in Transit Network.
 Adrien Touboul, IRT SystemX: Uncertainty Propagation in Graphs of Models.
 Yuchia Tseng, IRT SystemX: Securing Network Applications Deployment in Software Defined Networks.
• Shaohua Yu, IRT SystemX: Optimization Models and Methods for Tour Planning in Smart Urban Logistics.
• Xuan Zeng, IRT SystemX: Loss Detection and Recovery for Improving Congestion Control in Mobile ICN networks.

Award ceremony

The afternoon ended with an award ceremony. And winners are…

Award for the best “3 minutes to convince you” presentations:

Reza Vosooghi (PhD student, Modeling Mobility Solutions project at IRT SystemX), won the jury’s first prize for his presentation on the design, modelling and simulation of Robot Taxi services.

“All presentations were high quality and the competition was really close. I’m delighted to win this award. It really means a lot. The event taught me how to present my research succinctly and simply in layman’s terms” says Reza Vosooghi.

 Laurène Claussmann (PhD student at VEDECOM), won the jury’s second prize for her presentation on the development of a cooperative and predictive copilot for assisted and autonomous driving.

 Joseph Kamel (PhD student, Secure Cooperative Autonomous Systems at IRT SystemX), won the public’s award for his presentation on detection for cooperative intelligent transport systems.

Award for best poster:

 Ouail Al Maghraoui (PhD student with the “Anthropolis Chair” sponsored by IRT SystemX and CentraleSupélec) for his poster on urban mobility.


Event organized with:

SystemX PhD close up

IRT SystemX gives its PhD students an opportunity to specialise in a promising field after obtaining their engineering degree or master’s. While working on their thesis, students thrive in a dynamic environment that brings together the expertise of professionals from academia and industry on R&D projects.
They are immersed in a scientific and technical community at the cutting edge of technology and can build a strong network while developing unique expertise. IRT SystemX has supported over 30 PhD students since its inception.

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