SystemX maintains and enriches 8 reference technological platforms on which the teams of the Institute’s integrate the scientific and technological components developed in the projects. These platforms accelerate the development and implementation of research activity valuation prototypes, with a view to reuse and disseminate results.

What is a platform?

The institute’s R & D projects produce digital assets (such as methodologies, data corpora, algorithms, software, proof-of-concept functional demonstrators), all of which are elements that must be perpetuated, valued and capitalized in order to ensure quality technological transfers and controlled reuse.
These assets are integrated and deployed as operational demonstrators within the projects. Some give birth to a technological platform when there is a potential for reuse. The platforms then become a real support of maturation which is being enriched continuously as the projects unfold.

The technology platforms of SystemX offer a methodological framework for steering the institute’s digital governance.

They have been grouped into three broad categories:

  • Software platforms dedicated to the integration and reuse of software components (algorithms, demonstrators, data, etc.).
  • Cyber-physical platforms, made up of hardware and software components (software for control and command, supervision, and embedded software), dedicated to the modelling and simulation of cyber-physical environments and systems.
  • The methodological and tooled process platforms that frame the production of the assets.

The management of assets within the institute

Four levels of asset integration have been defined and represent the classic life cycle of SystemX research projects. Each level also represents a different maturity of the TRL scale – Technology Readyness Level:

  • Exploration: this level corresponds to the framing of the project and to the exploration of solutions in response to the various scientific and technological barriers defined during the assembly phase.
  • Uses and services: the project team develops one or more PoC (Proof of Concept) or demonstrators to implement the different components, algorithms and tools explored to respond to a use case. 
  • Referenced platforme: this level offers the management of the different versions of the PoC and platform evolutions. 

Opening: two modes of transfer are presented to the partners: either they recover the components which are useful for them to industrialize them, or they can first test the PoC or the demonstrator from their environment in the SaaS (Software as a Service) mode.

All these assets are mapped and evaluated in order to estimate the potential for reuse by the Institute’s partners in three categories: high-potential assets (transfer, reuse between projects or external valuation), the relevant assets, and assets to be confirmed.

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