SystemX is leading major research programs in the fields of artificial intelligence and digital twins with the aim of supporting the deployment of these innovative technologies.

IA2 – Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Engineering

Hybridise artificial intelligence, business knowledge and physical models.

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Design and industrialise trustworthy AI-based critical systems.

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Digital twins for complex industrial systems

Providing tools and support to make industrial systems resilient.

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SystemX relies on four levers to identify the priority issues to be addressed within each of these application sectors:

  • societal needs with environmental and regulatory guidelines,
  • the roadmaps of the Institute’s industrial partners and technological developments,
  • academic recommendations and top scientific challenges,
  • the internal skills and technological platforms developed in the institute.
Seminar@SystemX with Ludovic Apvrille

Seminar@SystemX with Ludovic Apvrille

Abstract Biography Registration Ludovic Apvrille (Télécom Paris) will run a Seminar@SystemX on the topic "Ingénierie dirigée par les ... Read more

Seminar@SystemX with Vincent Chapurlat

Seminar@SystemX with Vincent Chapurlat

Abstract Biography Registration Vincent Chapurlat (IMT Mines d'Alès) will run a Seminar@SystemX, on the following topic: La ... Read more


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