Providing tools and support to make industrial systems resilient

IRT SystemX is supporting industrial companies in defining, prototyping and qualifying innovative digital technological components for the development of a digital twin to be used in complex industrial systems. Together with its partners, the institute is taking up the challenges linked to the massive and secure exploitation of data from industrial systems and extended enterprises to anticipate and improve the global and local management of complex industrial systems.

The secured data mining of industrial systems is at the heart of the industry of the future and of the extended enterprise. The objective of this mining is to increase the operational efficiency of industrial systems throughout the supply chain, in particular through the optimisation of industrial processes and engineering, the management of logistics flows, predictive maintenance and the modularisation of the industrial system. There is currently no standard for the collection of this data and each application case has its own framework, making it very difficult to scale up this type of application. The digital twin, intended to digitally replicate industrial systems, offers a great opportunity to develop a standard for data interfacing, which is an essential pillar for the massive deployment of the industry of the future.

The target markets of this research programme are diverse: aeronautics, agri-food, automotive, construction, defence, electronics, energy, rail, maritime, metallurgy, health, security, etc.


Projects under construction:

  • Digital twins for the optimisation of productive resources and the supply chain
  • Digital twins for the optimisation of energy use and carbon footprint
  • Digital twins for the audit and resilience optimisation of a critical system

For more information on the programme:

Do you wish to take part in this extensive programme? Write to us! For more information: industriedufutur[at]

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