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Kamal Medjaher will run a Seminar@SystemX on October 22, 2020

Kamal Medjaher will run a Seminar@SystemX on October 22, 2020

Kamal Medjaher (Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Tarbes – Laboratoire de Génie Industriel, CentraleSupélec) will run ... Read more

Thomas Bonald will run a Seminar@SystemX on September 17, 2020

Thomas Bonald will run a Seminar@SystemX on September 17, 2020

Thomas Bonald (Télécom Paris) will run a Seminar@SytemX on the topic « Spectral Methods for Graph Embedding », on September 17, 2020, ... Read more

About IRT SystemX

SystemX is a technological research institute (IRT) specialised in the areas of analysis, modeling, simulation and decision support applied to complex systems. It is the only IRT fully dedicated to digital systems engineering, by coordinating partnered research projects and bringing together academics and industry players from a multi-sector perspective. Together, they all work to overcome major scientific and technological obstacles from 4 priority application sectors:

  • Mobility and Autonomous Transport,
  • Industry of the Future,
  • Defense and Security,
  • Environment and Sustainable Development.

Through “use case”-oriented projects, SystemX engineers and researchers tackle the major societal and technological challenges of our time, thereby contributing to the acceleration of the digital transformation of industries, services and territories.

Based on the plateau of Paris-Saclay, Lyon and Singapore, SystemX has already launched 53 research projects (including 29 which are ongoing) since its creation in 2012, involving more than 100 industrial partners and 55 academic laboratories, with a current total of 197 full time equivalents (FTE), including 134 from its own resources.

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SystemX responds to the complexity of cybersecurity requirements for Ports of the Future with its PFS project

This R&D project seeks a generic cybersecurity solution for the port systems of the future. A demonstrator will test different ... Read more

Digital Twins lead the future of urban logistics: why offline urban logistics need to be mirrored online

IRT SystemX joins 26 high-level partners in the H2020 funded LEAD Project: Low-Emission Adaptive last mile logistics supporting ... Read more

SystemX has received a grant of 35 million euros to imagine and design a safer, more efficient and more sustainable digital world

SystemX welcomes the multi-year funding it will receive, amounting to 35 million euros divided into two tranches, the first of which ... Read more

SystemX unveils the results of its ambitious research project EIC

Centered on the cybersecurity of the systems of the future, the EIC project has just been completed. Its ambitious aim was to develop, ... Read more

IRT Saint Exupéry and SystemX launch the System & Safety Continuity (S2C) project

The new S2C project between the two R&T institutes aims to define processes in implementing and maintaining consistency for the ... Read more

SystemX launches the research program “Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Engineering” (IA2)

This vast research program aims to combine artificial intelligence technologies with the methods already deployed by industrial ... Read more

The Anthropolis Chair continues to work on the challenges of urban mobility tomorrow

The Anthropolis Chair, supported by IRT SystemX and CentraleSupélec, has extended its exploration work on the challenges of the ... Read more

Additive Manufacturing: SystemX launches the WAS project

Launched as part of the IRT SystemX partnership with the Additive Factory Hub (ADH), the WAS (Wire Additive manufacturing process ... Read more

SystemX launches the DOS project: Detection of Obstacles and Reading of Lineside Signals

The DOS project aims to design and validate a safety system for automating the observation functions of a train driver. Launched as ... Read more

SystemX launches the project “3SA, Simulation for the Safety of Autonomous Vehicle Systems”

With the project 3SA, SystemX furthers its work in the field of digital simulation applied to the safety of the autonomous vehicles. Read more

The added cost of cryptovirus attacks on French SMEs amounts to more than 700 million euros per year

The ground-breaking survey conducted by the IRT SystemX with French SMEs and VSEs victims of cyberattacks reveals the real impact of ... Read more

“SystemX Transfert”, the knowledge transfer subsidiary of IRT SystemX, enters The Blockchain Xdev’s capital

SystemX and The Blockchain Group are proud to announce the acquisition of SystemX Transfert as part of the capital of The Blockchain Xdev. Read more


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