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Seminar@SystemX with Mustapha Lebbah

Seminar@SystemX with Mustapha Lebbah

Abstract Biography Registration Mustapha Lebbah (Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, UVSQ - Université Paris-Saclay) ... Read more

Gauthier Picard will run a Seminar@SystemX on February 28, 2024

Gauthier Picard will run a Seminar@SystemX on February 28, 2024

Resume Biography Registration Gauthier Picard (ONERA) will run a Seminar@SystemX on the following topic: Multi-agent coordination ... Read more

About IRT SystemX

SystemX is an RTO (Research and Technology Organisation – Institut de Recherche Technologique, IRT), endorsed in 2012 within the framework of the Programme d’investissements d’avenir (PIA – Investment for the Future Program) – henceforth an integral part of the France 2030 programme, dedicated to the digital engineering of systems. In a changing world, in which the mastery of the key technologies of digital transformation will be at the heart of the systems of the future, the institute deploys the full potential of research on these technologies to shape a safer, more efficient and sustainable world. 

In line with the objectives of the France 2030 programme, SystemX operates structural research programmes that create value on the scale of society by answering the major challenges of digitization and decarbonation. These programmes foster collaboration between a wide range of industrial partners (big companies, mid-cap companies, SMEs and start-ups), as well as academic and institutional partners, and promote multidisciplinarity and cross-fertilisation between different sectors.

At the heart of Paris-Saclay and the Lyon Region, SystemX strives to lift key scientific and technological barriers to the benefit of 5 priority sectors of application:

  • Mobility and Autonomous Transport,
  • Industry of the Future,
  • Defence and Security,
  • Environment and Sustainable Development,
  • Digital and Health.

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[Press release] SystemX intensifies its open innovation momentum by increasing its contributions to the open source community

The RTO SystemX  dedicated to the digital engineering of the systems of the future, aims to become an important player of open source. ... Read more

RTOs SystemX and Saint Exupéry unveils the results of the S2C project

S2C (System & Safety Continuity) Project: The two RTOs IRT Saint Exupery and IRT SystemX offer methodologies to establish and ... Read more

[Press release] SystemX presents its most emblematic results and the outlook through to 2030

Today, SystemX is deploying the full potential of research in digital technologies. Drawing on the wealth of use cases and research ... Read more

[Press release] IRT SystemX initiates a R&D programme named JNI

SystemX initiates a multi-sector R&D programme to design interoperable digital twins of complex industrial systems and develop a ... Read more

[Press release] Hydrogen mobility : A well-planned roll-out of hydrogen-refuelling stations is necessary to accelerate user uptake

France Hydrogène and PFA have collaborated with SystemX IRT to conduct a model-based study of the on-road hydrogen infrastructure ... Read more

[Press release] Yannick Bonhomme appointed Director of Research and Technology of IRT SystemX

SystemX announces the appointment of Yannick Bonhomme as Director of Research and Technology. In his new role, he will manage all the ... Read more

[Success story] Interconnecting offers between carpooling operators thanks to blockchain technology

One of the main obstacles to the development of carpooling is the multiplicity of the offer. No one wants to multiply searches on ... Read more

The Blockchain Xdev and IRT SystemX launch a joint R&D initiative: Eniblock Lab

The Blockchain Group, through its subsidiary The Blockchain Xdev, and IRT SystemX, join forces to give birth to Eniblock Lab, the ... Read more

SystemX focuses on the valorization and technology transfer of its assets

On the eve of its 10th anniversary and with some sixty successful partnership R&T projects, IRT SystemX is focusing on leveraging ... Read more

The SystemX Board of Directors welcomes two new members: Université Paris-Saclay and Institut Polytechnique de Paris

IRT SystemX welcomes two new founding members to its board of directors following the dissolution of the Fondation de Coopération ... Read more

SystemX kicks off the RTI project which focuses on the resilience of intelligent transport control systems

Following on from the CTI project (Cybersecurity of Intelligent Transport), this new project brings together a consortium of 11 ... Read more


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