France Hydrogène and PFA have collaborated with SystemX IRT to conduct a model-based study of the on-road hydrogen infrastructure network in French metropolitan areas through 2030, with an initial review in 2026.

Hydrogen mobility solutions are crucial to the decarbonisation of road transport. They are particularly well-suited to the energy-intensive use of LGVs, but they can also meet the operational and environmental requirements of lorries. Hydrogen cars and LGVs are already on the market; the demonstration phase for HGVs is underway, and pre-commercialisation for these vehicles will begin by 2026.
To solve the chicken and the egg quandary which hydrogen mobility is often faced with, a well-thought-out geographical network of refuelling stations is crucial to roll-out.

“SystemX IRT has developed modelling tools to analyse hydrogen demand and thus examine different infrastructure deployment scenarios. SystemX aims to drive the advancement of the H2 industry by providing visibility — market dynamics, contexts and indicators — in order to deploy infrastructure in line with local and national strategies”




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