Are you an industrial player who is looking to improve your professional skills in cutting-edge scientific and technological fields such as AI, scientific computing, blockchain or cybersecurity? Come join the SystemX Academy, the IRT SystemX training programme, co-constructed and co-delivered with excellent academic partners!


IRT SystemX has developed an innovative training programme, known as the SystemX Academy, with the full support of top academic partners. Its leitmotiv: learning by doing.

This training programme comprises modules combining technological components based on the eight scientific and technical fields of the institute (data sciences and AI, interaction and use, scientific computing, optimisation, systems engineering, operating safety of critical systems, digital security and blockchain, IoT and networks) and their hybrid applications, with a theoretical component conducted by our academic partners

The SystemX Academy is divided into three parts:




Receive theoretical training from partner universities and Grandes Écoles, and gain access to practical work built in synergy with academic partners around the use cases dealt with in our R&D projects.


≥ 2 days




Conducted by our engineer-researchers, these workshops allow you to quickly develop your skills on a chosen scientific and technological topic.


1/2 day




This new programme is intended for the Institute’s research engineers, with the aim of enriching their knowledge, developing a common set of skills, a common DNA, and facilitating their career development.


≥ 1 day


Call for proposals by academics and industrials

SystemX is calling out for interested industrial companies that are keen to offer their personnel a differentiated continuing education programme, as well as for academics wishing to co-design new training modules with the institute.


Did you know?

SystemX Academy takes its inspiration from the work carried out as part of the scientific research project known as Innovative Training Design of the IRT SystemX, which is funded by the national research agency. Its ambition is to develop a structuring methodology for promoting the results of partnership R&D projects in training modules.


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