On the occasion of the press conference led within the framework of the CARAC symposium, organised by the FIT association in the presence of Bruno Bonnell, French General Secretary for investments (SGPI), in charge of the France 2030 plan, Research Technology Organisations, IRT, (Institut de Recherche Technologique) and Institutes for Energy Transition, ITE, (Instituts pour la Transition Energétique) presented their ambition and priorities over the 2025-2030 period, thus confirming their key role in the implementation of the France 2030 plan.

Recognised, after a first ten-year phase, as key players in the French chain of innovation to enhance the competitivity of our economy, the 15 IRTs and ITEs are in working order to take part in the imminent acceleration phase.

By generating technological assets (patents, licences, platforms, skills and know-how) and by creating economic value (infrastructures, products, employment, etc.), the institutes have established the power of public-private partnership research, which enables them to be responsive in addressing the issues facing the industrial sector and societies throughout major transitions.

A change in scale to support the challenges of France 2030

As the armed wing of France 2030, in order to support industrial transformations and the shift of our economies based on fossil fuels towards decarbonated economies, IRTs and ITEs are scaling up for the 2024-2030 period. As part of the FIT association, they have defined a flagship goal to deploy national priorities in 4 areas of excellence in which the institutes benefit from specialised skills and critical mass: development and integration of renewable energies; decarbonated mobility, building and industry; digital technologies and digitalised industry; critical materials and components.

Close to twenty key partnership research projects under way

18 flagship projects that fall within the scope of France 2030 have already been submitted to the SGPI. A third have been launched or are undergoing review. These will be able to lean on the methodologies and best practices developed within the framework of the Confiance.ai. This programme was launched in 2020 by the State during the first stage of the National Strategy on AI, is funded by France 2030 at 45 million euros, and led by SystemX. As a flagship project of the French national strategy for artificial intelligence, Confiance.ai brings together a multi-sector collective of around 50 partners. It aims to offer industrials a digital environment of trust to the service of design, validation, qualification, deployment and maintenance of AI-based products and services. This programme positions France today as one of the leaders of AI.

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