SystemX initiates a multi-sector R&D programme to design interoperable digital twins of complex industrial systems and develop a European standard


Building on its proven expertise in the design of multi-sector digital twins, the research and technology organisation IRT SystemX, is implementing a new ambitious R&D programme named JNI (Jumeaux Numériques Industriels). The aim of this programme is to develop an equipped methodological environment for the design of digital twins offering complex industrial systems resilience and sustainability. Bringing together a dozen of industrial and academic partners, this programme evaluates the performance and tests the interoperability of digital twins within several industrial use cases. The shared ambition is to generate standards proposals on the national and even European level, to foster the interfacing of data and interoperability between systems.


“The secure processing of data stemming from industrial systems is at the heart of the industry of the future and the extended enterprise. It aims to increase the operational efficiency of industrial systems throughout the supply chain. To date, there is no existing standard for data collection and each applicative case adopts its own framework, which greatly complexifies the scaling up of this type of application. The digital twin, which aims to provide a digital replication of industrial systems, offers the great opportunity to develop a standard towards data interfacing, which is an essential pillar for the large-scale deployment of the industry of the future. This is the ambition displayed by our new programme which should be structuring for all industrial sectors”,



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