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[27 March ] Michel Beaudouin-Lafon will run a Seminar@SystemX

[27 March ] Michel Beaudouin-Lafon will run a Seminar@SystemX

Resume Biography Inscription Michel Beaudouin-Lafon (LISN - Université Paris-Saclay / CNRS / Inria - Institut Universitaire de ... Read more

[27 January ] Ludovic Leclercq ran a Seminar@SystemX

[27 January ] Ludovic Leclercq ran a Seminar@SystemX

Résumé Biographie Inscription Ludovic Leclercq (Université Gustave Eiffel) ran a Seminar@SystemX on the following topic "Trip-based ... Read more

About IRT SystemX

SystemX is a Research and Technology Organisation (RTO – Institut de Recherche Technologique – IRT), dedicated to the digital engineering of systems, and expert in the analysis, modelling, simulation and decision support for complex systems. SystemX coordinates partnership-based research projects, bringing together academics and industrials in a multidisciplinary and cross-cutting perspective. Together, they break down key scientific and technological barriers to the benefit of 4 priority fields of application:

  • Mobility and Autonomous Transport,
  • Industry of the Future,
  • Defence and Security,
  • Environment and Sustainable Development.

Within the framework of use-case oriented projects, SystemX researcher engineers answer the great challenges of our time, both for society and technology, thus contributing to accelerate the digital transformation of industries, services and territories.

At the heart of the Paris-Saclay cluster, which is a driving force for the renewal of French and European industry, SystemX has launched, since its creation in 2012, 62 research projects (38 still ongoing), involving over 100 industrial partners and 55 academic laboratories, and currently accounts for a 181 full-time equivalent (FTE) workforce including 134 of its own employees. The project teams of SystemX are also present in Lyon and Singapore.

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SystemX unveils the results of its project dedicated to the Cybersecurity of Intelligent Transport (CTI)

The aim of this project, which was completed at the end of June 2021, was to bring together the cybersecurity skills and experience of ... Read more

SystemX launches the TAM (Trusted Autonomous Mobility) project

As a continuation from the recently completed SCA project, the TAM project aims to eliminate important cybersecurity bottlenecks in ... Read more

Cybersecurity of connected and autonomous vehicles : SystemX unveils the result of its SCA research project

The Secure Cooperative Autonomous systems project, which has just been completed, has made it possible to eliminate a number of ... Read more

Through the EFE project, SystemX connects Ethernet networks and embedded systems to test and refine communication architectures.

As part of the EFE (Ethernet with Small Footprint) project, SystemX is working to remove the technological bottlenecks to future ... Read more

SystemX launches the Cockpit and Bidirectional Assistant (CAB) project

Launched as part of the IA2 programme (Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Engineering) of IRT SystemX, the objective of the CAB ... Read more

Experimenting with a certified data blockchain platform for the automotive sector

Under a joint project led by IRT SystemX and The Blockchain XDEV, PSA Group, Mobivia, Groupe Matmut, Crédit Agricole Assurances and ... Read more

SystemX responds to the complexity of cybersecurity requirements for Ports of the Future with its PFS project

This R&D project seeks a generic cybersecurity solution for the port systems of the future. A demonstrator will test different ... Read more

Digital Twins lead the future of urban logistics: why offline urban logistics need to be mirrored online

IRT SystemX joins 26 high-level partners in the H2020 funded LEAD Project: Low-Emission Adaptive last mile logistics supporting 'on ... Read more

SystemX has received a grant of 35 million euros to imagine and design a safer, more efficient and more sustainable digital world

SystemX welcomes the multi-year funding it will receive, amounting to 35 million euros divided into two tranches, the first of which ... Read more

SystemX unveils the results of its ambitious research project EIC

Centered on the cybersecurity of the systems of the future, the EIC project has just been completed. Its ambitious aim was to develop, ... Read more

IRT Saint Exupéry and SystemX launch the System & Safety Continuity (S2C) project

The new S2C project between the two R&T institutes aims to define processes in implementing and maintaining consistency for the ... Read more

SystemX launches the research program “Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Engineering” (IA2)

This vast research program aims to combine artificial intelligence technologies with the methods already deployed by industrial ... Read more


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