As a continuation from the recently completed SCA project, the TAM project aims to eliminate important cybersecurity bottlenecks in the communications of autonomous, connected and cooperative mobility systems. It will address new use cases related to autonomous cars and shuttles.

The SystemX IRT (Technological Research Institute) is launching the Trusted Autonomous Mobility (TAM) R&D project focused on end-to-end cybersecurity and privacy protection in Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), for connected, cooperative and autonomous mobility. Over a 36-month period, TAM will combine the talents of 7 industrial partners (Atos-IDnomic, Navya, Oppida, Renault, Stellantis, Trialog and Yogoko) and 1 academic partner (Institut Mines-Télécom). It will also receive support from two institutional partners, ANSSI and PFA (the Platform for the French Automotive Industry).

The TAM project, which builds on the SCA project completed in November 2020, deals with use cases related to intelligent, autonomous, connected and cooperative transport and addresses 5 new challenges:

  • Ensuring end-to-end safety, in a context of different stakeholders/operators and wireless multi-connectivity.
  • Maintaining the Cooperative Intelligent Transport System in a safe condition throughout the life cycle of the vehicle.
  • Extending the Misbehavior Detection system developed in the SCA project to new use cases.
  • Guaranteeing the protection of the privacy of users and their data.
  • Studying the impact of cybersecurity on the operating safety and decision-making of the autonomous vehicle.

The TAM project will capitalise on all the results of the SCA project, which enabled the resolution of numerous scientific and technological bottlenecks related to the cybersecurity of C-ITS communications. The vast majority of the partners have once again responded to the invitation to continue to research further on this and other topics underlying topics, including complex and dynamic ones that concern the cyber and privacy issues related to autonomous, connected and cooperative mobility.“, explained Arnaud Kaiser, project manager of TAM, SystemX.


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