The Blockchain Group, through its subsidiary The Blockchain Xdev, and IRT SystemX, join forces to give birth to Eniblock Lab, the first Tech Lab @SystemX. This strategic partnership aims to conduct research and development activities in order to tackle an array of blockchain industry issues and provide cutting-edge solutions to the market. The Blockchain Xdev and SystemX have already defined the first steps of their joint roadmap by prioritizing training programs for Web3 developers and the implementation of a self-sovereign digital identity (SSI).

The goal of this collaboration is to propose innovative solutions for concrete industrial challenges and use cases through R&D activities. The output of these common efforts will take shape in the form of technological components. These components will then be integrated into the Eniblock platform, The Blockchain Xdev’s end-to-end platform to design, build and run Web3 businesses. Furthermore, this collaboration will also involve knowledge sharing that could materialize in the form of training programs around Web3 technologies.

Eniblock Lab will be organized around a shared R&D roadmap between Eniblock and SystemX. This roadmap will keep track of R&D topics of interest and propose an agenda composed of short projects to explore those topics in depth. Each project will be collectively prepared and documented to make sure that the expected output has an important impact on both Eniblock and SystemX’s activities.

The topics covered by Eniblock Lab can arise and be determined by a series of different company and/or industry needs such as customer expectations and latest technological advancements among others. The roadmap is flexible, and we work in an agile manner to be able to take into account the changing needs and landscape of our ecosystem.

The very first topics covered by the R&D roadmap are:

  • Web3 Developer Training: a training course for experienced developers who want to learn web3 technologies and join the Eniblock team. As a first initiative, Eniblock and The Sandbox recently launched M3taserve (, the first Web3 bootcamp in France. The goal of this initiative is to help grow the talent pool of Web3.
  • Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes: Users have to go through a time-consuming process each time they want to access dApps and share sensible information with new KYC providers. In order to offer a better user experience and give users more control over their identity data, we investigate the possibility of mutualizing KYCed identities across multiple service providers using SSI.

Kei Brousmiche, VP of R&D at The Blockchain Xdev, said: “The real potential of blockchain technology likely remains to be discovered and is far from becoming mainstream. In order to unlock the limitless possibilities of blockchain and start building the future of Web3, we absolutely need a place to research and experiment. Eniblock Lab gives us the opportunity to develop turn-key solutions and transform real businesses. Besides, all our products were actually developed from experimental proof of concepts in the first place”.

Nicolas Heulot, team leader in charge of the Eniblock Lab at IRT SystemX, said: “For 6 years, SystemX has been studying the use cases of the Blockchain technology in direct interaction with its industrial partners and with the support of the scientific excellence of its academic partners grouped in the BART (Blockchain Advanced Research & Technologies) collective launched in 2018. With Eniblock Lab, SystemX is proud to strengthen its ties with Blockchain Xdev, to support them in increasing its teams’ skills, and to accelerate the industrialization of the technological building blocks and proofs of concept resulting from its projects in order to go to market more quickly.”

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