SystemX is to launch the CTI project to achieve good practices in the fields of automobile, rail transportation and aeronautics.

SystemX is to step up its expertise in cybersecurity, one of the leading topics in the 9 solutions of La Nouvelle France Industrielle , with its launch of its project “CTI – Cybersecurity for Intelligent Transport”. So-called “intelligent” transportation is increasingly autonomous and connected. It offers new services and guarantees greater safety to the user. Paradoxically, because of its hyper-connection, it also entails greater digital threats, like intrusion into systems, data theft, or cyber criminality, which can also affect operating safety. The CTI project is therefore confronted with a new paradigm through which to inform players in rail transport, aeronautics and automobile industries of new designs for embedded electronic architectures tailored to the changes in the standards and regulations.

Industrial research into cybersecurity for intelligent transport with a “system of systems” approach

The business side of the challenge for the CTI project is to conduct industrial research in the three fields of application: automobile, rail transportation and aeronautics, and thus to transpose the most innovative and relevant good practices and IT solutions (secure architectures and designs, protocol breaks, insulations) into the world of cyber-physical systems where cybersecurity has a direct impact on operating safety.


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