Cybersecurity for Intelligent Transport

In collaboration with the French Agency for Information System Security (l’Agence Nationale pour la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information – ANSSI) and the central observatory for intelligent transport systems (Observatoire Central des Systèmes de Transport Intelligents – OCSTI) under the French military police, Gendarmerie Nationale.
Labelled by the  Committee for industrial security (Comité de la Filière industrielle de sécurité – CoFIS).


So-called “intelligent” transport, which is increasingly autonomous and connected, offers new services and greater safety for users. Paradoxically, because it is hyper-connected, new digital dangers have arisen, such as intrusion into systems, data theft, or cybercriminality, which also affects operating safety. The CTI project (Cybersecurity for intelligent transport), launched in June 2016 for a four-year period, achieves good practices in the fields of automobile, rail transportation and aeronautics.


In economic terms, the goal of the CTI project is to undertake industrial research in the three fields of application – automobile, rail and aeronautics, so as to transpose the most innovative and relevant good practices and IT solutions (secured architectures, secured design, protocol breakthroughs, isolation etc) into the world of cyber-physical systems in which cybersecurity has a direct impact on operating safety.
In technological terms, the CTI project will help federate and share skills on the basis of a research and experimental platform in cybersecurity, dedicated to intelligent transport systems. Through this platform, the project will take account of the increasing complexity and volume of security threats targeting the new, ever more autonomous transport systems.

Target Markets

The CTI project informs players in the rail, aeronautical and automobile industries on the design of embedded electronic architectures evolving in compliance with the new standards and regulations.

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Mobility and autonomous transport
Defense and security
Industrial Partners
Airbus Alstom Groupe PSA IDnomic Prove&Run RATP Renault Trialog Valeo
Academic Partners
IBISC LCTI Télécom ParisTech Université d'Évry
Project Manager
Witold Klaudel