Niezi joined the IRT SystemX in October 2016 to do a PhD thesis dedicated to 5G networks. He revisits his experience in completing his doctorate in the STC (Services of Telecommunications and Cloud) project.

What was the topic of your dissertation ?
In my thesis, I was interested in issues regarding resource allocation and optimization in the context of Next Generation Networks (5G). Indeed, network operators are planning to put in place a new radio access network architecture to cope with the exponential increase in data traffic and to meet with the needs of the new 5G network services. In this context, the Cloud-Radio Acces Network (C-RAN) architecture is proposed as one of the promising architectures based on the cloudification of radio access networks. It consists of centralising the processing of requests from several cellular sites in shared data centers. C-RAN enables network operators to reduce operating costs, improve network capacity, and optimise resource utilisation. In order to achieve these objectives, I have proposed in my thesis several new approaches, stemming from combinatorial optimisation and graph theory to optimally and intelligently allocate resources for the processing of shared data centers to different cellular sites. This will improve the efficiency of resource utilisation and reduce transmission delays so as to meet the critical requirements in terms of latency. Subsequently, I incorporated interference and network coverage constraints into the model to reduce interference levels by ensuring maximum network coverage.

What do you remember from your dissertation?
While working on my dissertation, I had the opportunity to work in a collaborative project with industrial and academic partners. This allowed me to deepen my knowledge of the challenges and challenges of next-generation 5G networks and my skills in applying optimization techniques to facilitate the deployment of 5G networks.

Can you tell us about your favourite memory from your time with SystemX?
My favourite memory is my participation in the Thesis Day 2017 event organised by IRT SystemX, in which I had the opportunity to present my PhD project to the general public in less than 3 minutes. This event was also a good occasion to get to know all the PhD students of IRT SystemX as well as their research work.

Do you have any plans for the future?
I am currently looking for a job that would allow me to continue working on the same perspectives as the topics covered during my thesis.

Name of PhD dissertation: Cloud-Radio Access Networks: Design, Optimization and Algorithms
Name of School: Télécom Paris-Tech / University of Paris Saclay
Last qualification obtained before starting on the PhD: Master’s Degree in Modelling and Algorithmics, University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines


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