Danya Bachir joined SystemX in 2016 to complete a thesis dedicated to the estimation of urban mobility with the mobile network geolocation data mining. She revisits her doctorate carried out within the “Modeling of Solutions of Mobility” (MSM) project and supervised by Télécom SudParis and Bouygues Telecom.

What was the topic of your PhD thesis?
My doctoral work was based on the design of mobility estimation models, including the estimation of inflows (visitors) as well as the flow of travel by mode of transport over time at different spatial scales. To do this, I applied data mining algorithms using different data sources obtained from telecommunications and transport sectors. My thesis presents several concrete applications in the field of mobility, for example the estimation of travel demand.

What do you remember from your doctorate?
SystemX allowed me to come into contact with specialists from different sectors (transport, automobile, energy), from industrial and academic communities. These meetings have allowed me to broaden my professional network and orientate the subject of my thesis towards a very concrete topic.

Can you tell us your favourite memory from your time with SystemX?
The ThesisDay@SystemX event during which I won the public award for my “3 minutes to convince” performance. Expressing yourself in front of a large audience and managing stress is not an easy exercise. This experience was very informative and eventually gave me confidence during my conferences.

What are your plans for the future?
I wish to continue my career in the field of data science. I will soon be joining the Prevision.io start-up R & D team as Machine Learning Scientist. Prevision.io offers an automated machine learning solution. The product is aimed at industrialists who wish to develop their digitalization through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

More about Danya Bachir
Name of the PhD thesis
: estimating urban mobility with mobile network geolocation data mining
InstitutionsTélécom SudParis, Bouygues Télécom
Qualification obtained before the doctorate:Double degree in engineering from ENSIIE and The University of Manchester, Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence



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