Artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, digital simulation and Blockchain, among others, were the technologies at the heart of IRT SystemX’s annual event, Future@SystemX. Some 400 people came on March 14 to discover the latest advances in the Institute’s R&D projects and the main results of its partners.

Notable speeches

It is under the sign of π that Pascal Cléré, President of IRT SystemX, opened the plenary meeting. This is because March 14 celebrates the annual day of the number π (3.14159), in mathematics and science. This day was chosen because of the American writing of the date 3.14. Plus the joke feature: the meeting began at 1:59 pm!
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Two keynote speakers then took the stage in turn:

  • Laurence Devillers, IT professor at Université Paris-Sorbonne specializing in the topic “Affective and social aspects of spoken interaction”, first presented her research in the field of affective and social dimensions of spoken interaction with machines.
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  • Daniel Kaplan, co-founder of the Foundation for new generation Internet (FING) and the “Imaginizing the Future” project, then took over to talk about “Singular transitions: how can we imagine the worlds after us?”.
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Éric Perrin-Pelletier, the CEO of IRT SystemX, concluded the plenary meeting with praise for two researchers at the Institute who had recently become qualified to direct research students:

  • Ming Chau who defended on the subject of “asynchronous parallel iterations and digital simulation workflows”, and
  • Makhlouf Hadji who defended on the topic of “Mathematical Optimization Methods for NFV and Cloud Resource Allocation Problems”.

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From left to right: Patrice Aknin (Scientific Director, IRT SystemX), Pascal Cléré (President, IRT SystemX), Makhlouf Hadji (Research Engineer, IRT SystemX), Ming Chau (Research Engineer, IRT SystemX), Éric Perrin-Pelletier (CEO, IRT SystemX)

A demo-tour characterized by innovation and valorization

This year, the demo tour included two villages:

  • An Innovation village to explore the latest advances in the IRT SystemX R&D, and go to the heart of the scientific challenges it has taken up.
    Eleven projects at IRT SystemX revealed their latest advances in many fields: risk analysis and control, digital simulation, ITS security, autonomous vehicles, cyber security, data analysis, energy management, urban mobility, Blockchain and IoT.
  • A Valorization village to discover the emblematic results that IRT SystemX’s partners have obtained via its R&D projects on digital systems engineering in transportation and mobility, communication, digital security and energy.

> Consult the description of the demonstrations on display

Awards for the best demonstrations

Throughout their visit, the participants voted for their favorite demonstrations via the Blockchain application, “Vote-as-a-Service”, set up by the BEST (Blockchain Environment for Smart Transactions) platform at IRT SystemX.
At the close of the voting, two prizes were awarded by Jean-Luc Beylat, President of the Systematic Paris-Region centre, and Éric Perrin-Pelletier, President of IRT SystemX: the technological transfer prize and the Innovation prize. And the winners were…
> The SCE team project, Smart City Energy Analytics, for its demonstration Smart Home, created in collaboration with Sherpa Engineering and Reuniwatt.
> The MSM team project, Modeling of Mobility Solutions, for its demonstration on evaluating alternative travel using heterogeneous data analysis.

Future@SystemX: “An event that suscite wonder” says Louis Schweitzer

Louis Schweitzer,Commissaire Général à l’Investissement (head of State investment) concluded the day by saluting IRT SystemX’s success, which he noted had implemented intelligence in its R&D projects and fully justified its position at the heart of the Paris-Saclay campus of excellence.
The Commissaire Général à l’Investissement also took the opportunity of this forum to announce that the eight French IRTs would be receiving funding beyond the ten years initially planned.

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