EVAPS (which stands for Eco-mobilité par Véhicules Autonomes sur le territoire de Paris-Saclay), a project supported by ADEME, aims to develop a complete, intelligent, on-demand, driverless electric transport service to serve the Plateau de Saclay area on a permanent basis. IRT SystemX experts are involved in three aspects of the 36-month programme: system of systems (SoS) architecture, dependability and cybersecurity.

SystemX presents the Ecomobility via Autonomous Vehicles (EVA) project, part of the EVAPS testing programme involving Renault, Transdev, VEDECOM and Paris-Saclay University that is being conducted in the Paris-Saclay area over a three-year period.

As coordinator of the Safety & Security portion of the NFI plan for autonomous vehicles, SystemX is spearheading three strategic parts of the EVAPS project within the framework of EVA:

  • The IRT’s experts are carrying out system of systems modelling and analysis
  • In parallel, a significant part of the project is dependability analysis
  • A third section is devoted to system cybersecurity and threat analysis

“EVAPS represents an opportunity for the IRT SystemX to be involved in a local initiative, especially since the project as a whole constitutes a disruptive innovation in France due to its scope and the associated technical and scientific challenges. SystemX is capitalising on its expertise, drawing on a number of past and current projects. In addition, this experimental project will provide real data constituting a solid repository of field knowledge that will feed into our digital models and be extremely valuable for future projects”, explains Vincent Sollier, EVA project manager at SystemX.

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