SystemX is focusing closely on the challenges of tomorrow’s mobility with its launch of a new project devoted to understanding travel flows in cities and more particularly within the various districts of the city.

“Mobility is a true challenge in today’s cities and will be even more so tomorrow!  It is predicted that by 2025, urban populations will have grown by 70%, rising from 3.6 to 6.3 billion individuals. Accordingly, States, local authorities and businesses will need to make significant investments to create or modernize physical infrastructures, develop new services or again design and deploy communications networks enabling intelligent management of these future cities”, explains Charles Kremer, the Director of the Intelligent Territories Program at IRT SystemX.

With this in mind, IRT SystemX has focused on the main challenges and is launching the MSM project (Modeling Mobility Solutions) the goal of which is to improve and increase the flow of user travel via new data sources (mobile telephones, social networks, connected Things etc.). The data produced by cities (transport systems, users, connected Things etc.) are increasing constantly but are very little used by urban infrastructure operators. The purpose of the MSM project will therefore be to make efficient use of these new data flows so that travel needs can be better understood and operating aid tools can be provided to mobility operators.


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