The BWM project aims at supporting the transformation of territories for the benefit of users by offering richer, more fluid and more personalized mobility and related services. The project is looking forward to fulfilling this objective with the blockchain technology. The solutions developed will be tested and validated in the Lyon metropolitan area.


Urban transit is dramatically changing. As an example, Mobility-as-a-Service enhances an individualized door-to-door service, integrating different modes of transports, with a seamless ticketing. The challenge for the various service providers is to collaborate effectively to deliver the best user experience. Blockchain, as a secure, unmediated information-sharing technology, seems to be a relevant way of addressing this need. The project will therefore focus on leveraging this technology for the development of new mobility services under real conditions of use.

Four use cases will be at the heart of this R&D project:

  • The creation of combined offers for the various services of the territory (mobility, culture, sport, leisure, daily life, etc.).
  • The sharing of proof of identity to facilitate the registration of users to these services.
  • The management of loyalty points associated with the services of the territory.
  • Dynamic management of mobility service reservations.

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