Project description

Support the transformation of territories to the benefit of users by providing richer, more fluid and more personalized transportation and related services.



The urban mobility sector is evolving. We are aiming for Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) to offer users a door-to-door, individualized service, integrating different modes of transport, with a unified payment method. The challenge for different service providers is to collaborate effectively to deliver the best user experience. The blockchain seems to be a relevant way of meeting this need.

Launched in 2018 for a two-year period, the BWM project aims to support the transformation of territories for the benefit of users by offering richer, more fluid and more personalized transport and related services, based on the blockchain technology.

Expected results

  • Leverage on blockchain technology to enhance the user experience in a multi-service mobility ecosystem;
  • Collectively define the governance of the system in a win-win spirit;
  • Allow blockchain technology to gain in maturity;
  • Experiment with the proposed solutions, in connection with the “Urban Pass” project initiated by the Métropole de Lyon;
  • Disseminate the results to the ecosystem.

Implemented skills

Digital security and blockchain

Targeted markets

  • Urban services
Badge Mobility and autonomous transport
Mobility and autonomous transport
Project Status:État du projet : Completed
Industrial partner(s):Partenaire(s) industriel(s) :
Alstom Mappy
Academic Partner(s)Partenaire(s) académique(s)
BART (initiative Blockchain Advanced Research & Technologies pilotée par Inria - l’IRT SystemX - Télécom ParisTech et Télécom SudParis
Institutional Partner(s)Partenaire(s) institutionnel(s)
Métropole de Lyon
Project Manager(s)Chef(s) de projet
Yann Briand


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