The Anthropolis Chair is a research and teaching project focusing on Design of Use-oriented Urban Systems. The main purpose of the Anthropolis Chair is to develop eco-innovations that will help identify new use patterns in tomorrow’s urban mobility.

SystemX and the Industrial Engineering laboratory (LGI) of the CentraleSupélec school, which focuses on modelling and designing complex socio-technical systems, are pleased to announce the creation of the “Anthropolis” Chair for a period of four years. Funded by five industrial partners, the Chair will gather a pluridisciplinary team in the SystemX IRT and the CentraleSupélec premises to study urban mobility.

Development of eco-innovations focusing on use patterns

“The purpose of the Chair is to centre the design of systems for cities and their surroundings on human beings”, explains Jakob Puchinger, the current incumbent of the “Anthropolis” Chair.”We will conduct various experiments that will be a significant part of our research. Based on new use patterns, new projects with our partners may emerge in both the SystemX IRT and also in the “design engineering” and “decisional aid” teams at CentraleSupéléc, which will focus on eco-innovations that could considerably change user habits”.





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