The Paris-Saclay Energies (PSE) project aims to model the local energy system to meet the needs of territorial planning and energy management of buildings in the Paris-Saclay territory.

SystemX teams will work on energy challenges, which become increasingly significant within local entities (house, building etc) and largest (district, territory, city, etc.). A particular focus will be placed on Smart Grid Ready buildings, able to product and exchange energy, by a dynamically integrating into an intelligent electricity grid. The objective of the PSE project is to develop, with the Paris-Saclay agglomération community, tools to manage development and energy projects in the Paris-Saclay area. In a longer term, the solutions developed will be applied to other territories.

Two main thematics will be investigated:

  • The territorial planning according to the evolution of the energy landscape, technological advances and socio-economic considerations. A selection of innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence will be carried out with a study of the territory in order to optimize energy use. Planning will allow the community to simulate several scenarios and see their impact in sociological, economic and ecological terms.
  • The intelligent monitoring of Smart Grid Ready buildings and heating or electricity networks, making it possible to respond optimally to the requirements of the various energy players in a given area (comfort of occupants in buildings, flexibility of the networks, self-consumption, etc.). It will be studied at several scales (building, district, city) based on current and future cases of use, such as the integration of renewable energies, the self-consumption of photovoltaics, or the recharging of electric vehicles as part of an eco-neighbourhood.

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