IRT SystemX participated at Smart City Expo World Congress, held from the 15th to the 17th November in Barcelona. In a mere few years, this annual event has become the reference venue for those involved with intelligent cities. The sixth edition was a huge success with over 16 500 visitors.

During the three day congress, The IRT SystemX booth presented its work from the research program dedicated to Smart Territories. The Institute’s work on this subject includes deployment of intelligent services in tomorrow’s territories, based on the notion of trust-based usage. SystemX’s teams are developing modeling and optimization tools for mobility and energy solutions, and are defining methods enabling services linked to digital confidence to be enhanced.

Using an interactive map and demonstrations, IRT SystemX was able to show visitors the main challenges it faces in the fields of mobility, energy, media and intelligent usages.
The Institute also presented its new program for assistance to startups: START@SystemX. This new type of initiative, launched in partnership with Cap Digital, offers innovative startups the opportunity to take advantage of IRT SystemX’s innovation powers by joining its research projects. The list of startups selected for the first season of this program dedicated to mobility will be disclosed on December 15th!


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