On April 14, 2016, the SystemX Board of Directors voted in a new Scientific and Technological Council composition. The council now welcomes height new members: Patrick Bastard, Jean-Claude Bocquet, Éric Bonjour, Gilles Dowek, Paulien Herder, Denis Gardin, Bertrand Maury and Michèle Sebag.

The Scientific and Technological Council is an advising instance of the SystemX Board of Directors. Twice a year, the Scientific and Technological Council meets with the SystemX Operational Management team to debate and discuss the technological challenges that the Institute wishes to tackle, and to bring its expertise in order to contribute to the successful deployment of R&D projects at the heart of the digital engineering of complex systems.
Its purpose is to guide SystemX’s operational management team, both upstream (scientific guidance, core competencies in systems) and downstream of projects along the lines of a “business angel” (skills and knowledge on the key business domains as well as the implementation of complex projects).

The Scientific and Technological Council gathers diverse and complementary skills in numerous fields: systems engineering, computing, applied mathematics, mechanical engineering, high performance computing and modelling of complex systems.
Chaired by Yves Caseau, Director of the Axa group digital agency, the council consists of 10 members from academic and industrial sectors and recognized in their field by the scientific and industrial communities:

  • Patrick Bastard, responsible for an operational department covering ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and chair of Renault 3EA activities (Electric, Electrotechnic, Electronic, Automatic).
  • Jean-Claude Bocquet, university professor and expert for the Ministry of Research and for the National Research Agency (ANR) in France.
  • Éric Bonjour, professor at the Université de Lorraine / Graduate School of Innovation and Systems Engineering (ENSGSI).
  • Gilles Dowek, researcher at Inria and professor at École Normale Supérieure of Cachan.
  • Denis Gardin, Senior Vice-President, Head of New Technology Ventures within Airbus Group Corporate Technical Office
  • Paulien Herder, department head of the Engineering Systems & Services department of the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management of the Delft University of Technology (Holland).
  • Bertrand Maury, professor in the mathematics laboratory of Paris-Sud University, at the École polytechnique and at the École Normale Supérieure.
  • Michèle Sebag, Deputy director of LRI (Laboratoire de Recheche en Informatique – Laboratory of research in computing) at CNRS.
  • Bruno Sudret, professor of Risk, Safety and Uncertainty Quantification in Engineering at the Institute of Structural Engineering and Director of research and strategy at Phimeca Engineering.

The council also consists in two guest members:

  • Patrick Leboeuf, research director at the CNRS and Deputy Director for Research at the FCS Campus Paris-Saclay.
  • Guillaume Poupard, director general of the National Agency for Information Systems’ Security

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