Pierre-Marie joined SystemX in October 2015 to write a thesis dedicated to the simulation of activities and attacks in the field of cyber-defence. He looks back at his PhD within the EIC project (Environment for Interoperability and Integration in Cybersecurity) and supervised by Telecom SudParis.

What was the topic of your PhD thesis?
During my PhD, I developed a new network simulation method to create an evaluation environment for security products and services. The goal is to replace industrial applications (web browsers, industrial programs, etc.) used in current simulation environments by a small program that can replay the part needed of those programs for an evaluation (the data exchanged). Industrial applications are thus replaced by a programme capable of reproducing their data in the right format and applicable in a lighter network environment. The method developed as part of my thesis allowed me to obtain a simulation of scalable activity and attacks at a low cost. We also introduced the notion of a variable level of realism that preserves different properties of the simulated data.

What do you remember from your doctorate?
I have acquired strong skills in the field of network architecture deployment and complex programme design thanks to the framework proposed by the IRT, which combines academic and industrial research. I enjoyed presented my works in conferences and articles.

Can you tell us your favourite memory from your time withSystemX?
When my simulation prototype worked for the first time! Indeed, I struggled to get a first functional test of my concepts after more than six months of developments punctuated by many unforeseen circumstances. I was very satisfied with the result and realised that my simulation principle was well accepted by actual systems, with interesting visual results.

What are your plans for the future?
I have just been recruited by the IRT SystemX as Engineer-Researcher within the Port of the Future Secure Project (PFS). I will work on topics related to the assessment of the security of seaports.

Find out more about Pierre-Marie
Name of the PhD thesis: Simulation of activities and attacks: application to cyber defense
Qualification obtained before doctorate: Master of Engineering from Télécom SudParis
R&D project: Environment for Interoperability and Integration in Cybersecurity (EIC)


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