On March 10, 2016, SystemX organized the third edition of its annual event, Future@SystemX. Nearly 500 academic and industrial key stakeholders attended the event to discover the research and innovation developed within the institute.

Plenary session

Thierry Mandon, Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research, introduced the plenary session to a packed audience with a video message. He reiterated his deep commitment to the “Plateau de Saclay”. He also congratulated the work done by SystemX to create “a common house, where researchers and industries complement with each other”.
Pascal Cléré, SystemX President and Vice-President of Transport Information Solutions Division at Alstom, then took the floor. His leitmotiv: “SystemX, it is working!”. He illustrated his words by presenting technologies implemented at Alstom thanks to the work done within the institute.
Then some of our SME partners (INTEMPORA, Trialog, IDnomic, EXPEMB, Systran and Krono-Safe) shared with the audience tangible results developed within SystemX.

Guillaume Poupard, CEO of ANSSI (French Network and Information Security Agency), talked in a keynote focused on “Trust, one pillar for digital innovation”. He underlined the corporate responsibility in order to offer products and services with a high level of security, adapted to the current uses in the digital era. Guillaume Poupard emphasizes the need for researchers and industrials to work quickly and together on cybersecurity. To do so, SystemX is the place to be.

Louis Schweitzer, General Commissioner for Investment in France, made a speech. He started by congratulating the success of Future@SystemX, “the event to see and understand what will change in our digital lives”. The General Commissioner for Investment also shared his vision of the digital, which is ubiquitous in our society, and underlined the importance of basic and applied research in this field. According to him, SystemX is a privileged place where academic and industrial meet each other. Finally, Louis Schweitzer highlighted three important values, “excellence, innovation and cooperation”, that correspond to the SystemX DNA.

Éric Perrin-Pelletier, SystemX CEO, concluded the plenary session by offering the audience the opportunity to discover SystemX’s history in facts and figures thanks to a motion design.

Thematic workshops

Following the plenary session, thematic workshops were organized in order to present the SystemX roadmap for the 2016-2020 period, structured around four research programs:

“Systems Engineering” or the digital transformation of engineering: Étienne de Pommery, Systems Engineering Program Director, presented researches conducted within the program to enable all industrial stakeholders to manage and optimize their product design margins and complex systems, with new tools and methodologies focused on digital technologies.
”Autonomous Transport” or the development of security solutions for the embedded intelligence of the autonomous vehicle: Paul Labrogère, Autonomous Transport Program Director, presented researches conducted within the program to enable all stakeholders from transport and energy sectors to include digital in their products and systems with new safe and secure architectures integrating new uses, critical embedded systems and the infrastructures evolution.
  “Smart Territories” or the construction of tomorrow’s territories: Charles Kremer, Smart Territories Program Director, presented researches conducted within the program to enable all stakeholders from transport and energy sectors to deploy new solutions and services using decision-support tools that are needed to the operational plans for the future territories.
  “Internet of Trust” or the deployment of an “Internet of Everything”: François Stephan, Development & International Director, presented researches conducted within the program to enable all stakeholders from information and communication technologies sectors to make digital infrastructures more flexible, efficient and secure with the development of new architectures and software tools.



Throughout the afternoon, there were numerous visitors walking in the demo-tour organized around four thematic ‘villages’: Systems Engineering, Autonomous Transport, Smart Territories and Internet of Trust.
More than 25 innovative demonstrations illustrated the work done within the 17 research projects and 7 technological platforms. For example, participants had the opportunity to secure an energy network, to plan the mobility in 2030 or to secure control of an autonomous vehicle!

Check out the demonstrations guide

“This third edition of Future@SystemX was a resounding success. In fact, nearly 500 academic and researchers key stakeholders participated in the event. This open day was the opportunity for us to demonstrate to our visitors the success of our institute innovation model, based on a cross-fertilization of multidisciplinary competences in colocation in a single place. We also shared tangible scientific and technological results and we expressed our attachment to the innovative ecosystem of the Paris-Saclay campus.” Eric Perrin-Pelletier, SystemX CEO

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