SystemX presents its activity report 2015

With 17 research projects, 61 industrial partners and 14 academics, SystemX came of age in 2015. This activity report will allow you to find out more about the activities of the institute over the year 2015 and its development prospects for the years to come.

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IRT SystemX presents its activity report 2014

This handbook reports on the work and highlights of the year 2014. It will allow you to find out more about the progress of the institute’s activities and its significant impact within the Paris-Region ecosystem in the field of digital systems engineering. The primary task of SystemX is to accelerate the digital transformation of industry […]

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2013 Activity Report

The first activity report of the IRT SystemX reflects all activities within the Institute, throughout the year 2013. Since the signing of the agreement with the ANR at the end of October 2012 and the official inauguration of SystemX in February 2013, this year laid the IRT’s foundations, enabled the Institute to establish itself in […]

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