Why can IRT SystemX be described as a “dual impact” RTO? What do we mean by “double impact”?

The Scientific Direction of IRT SystemX has initiated a project in 2021 in collaboration with the Scientific Management Center (Mines Paris-PSL) to answer this question. The objective of this project is to characterize the nature of the science-industry relationships organized and led by SystemX within its ecosystem of academic and industrial partners, and more specifically to test the hypothesis that SystemX, with its partners, conducts “simultaneous dual-impact research” (Le Masson, 2020; Plantec, 2021) in which science and industry, confronted with contemporary transformations such as the digital transition, jointly generate scientific and industrial advances. These investigations have led to a first publication (Gilain et al., 2022) that reveals and analyzes the good properties of SystemX, as a “dual-impact RTO.” – By Alexandre Bekhradi (IRT SystemX) and Agathe Gilain (Mines Paris – PSL).

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