SystemX is to welcome two new directors in its operational management.


Patrice Aknin, Scientific Director

Patrice Aknin has been appointed Scientific Director of SystemX. As a member of the operational management, he defines and implements IRT SystemX’s scientific strategy by identifying and structuring the scientific issues to be addressed and the scientific responses to be made to industrial problems. He manages the scientific arm of the Institute by supporting and assisting its scientific growth and coordinating relationships with its partners in public research and higher education.

“Because the problems dealt with at IRT SystemX are complex but exciting, we need to harmonize all the current and future projects while at the same time identifying new avenues osof relevant research for our Institute, which, along with its industrial partners,  has the right know how”, observes Patrice Aknin.

Gilles Desoblin, Director, Internet of Trust Program

Gilles Desoblin has joined SystemX as the program Director for Internet of Trust. In his capacity as a member of the operating management of SystemX, Gilles defines and implements the Internet of Trust program strategy, the purpose of which is, first,  to offer an experimental cybersecurity environment that allows security solution architectures to be assessed and innovative pre-competitive solutions to be qualified. It also aims to improve the flexibility, performance and quality of the architecture developments in telecommunications networks. He has designed this program and its goals in association with the SystemX’s academic and industrial partners. He ensures it is executed via the R&D projects, optimizing the use made of its results and its impact on the ecosystem as a whole.

“To develop the work begun under my predecessor at the IRT, I will enedeavour to foster suitable, consistent and high-performance strategies in the Internet of Trust program, one of the four showcase programs at SystemX”, stated Gilles Desoblin.


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