Florence Parly, the Minister for the Armed Forces, held a meeting of the Ministry’s executive committee on Tuesday September 19 at the Paris-Saclay technological and scientific centre, to discuss digital transformation. The Minister took this opportunity to discover some of the research conducted by IRT SystemX, Systematic and CEA LIST.


During her visit, the Minister for the Armed Forces Florence Parly came to the Cyberlab at IRT SystemX and more particularly inspected the CHESS (Cybersecurity Hardening Environment for Systems of Systems) platform. CHESS, developed by the Environment for Cybersecurity Interoperability and integration project team (EIC) and presented to the media in January 2016, is designed to assess the digital security of tomorrow’s hyperconnected systems and safeguard them against intrusion, data theft, identity theft or other cybercriminality. Two demonstrations were also given to Mme Florence Parly, the first on authentication via facial recognition using an encrypted base of individuals in compliance with the new general regulations on data protection (RGPD, règlement général sur la protection des données) and the second on a management model for security updating of connected things using a Blockchain.

The event in pictures:

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