The Committee of the Industrial Security Sector (CoFIS) met on 1 December 2015 presided over by Bernard Cazeneuve, the Minister of the Interior and Emmanuel Macron, the Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Technology.

The goal of this meeting was to set out this committee’s road map for the next 18 months.

The EIC project and the CHESS platform (Cybersecurity Hardening Environment for Systems of Systems) were presented at this meeting, in a video presenting the research carried out at the IRT SystemX to meet the challenges relating to the digital transformation. The CHESS platform aims to assess the digital security of the hyperconnected systems of the future to protect them from risks such as intrusions, data theft, identity theft and cybercrime.

“Most of the components of what is called the Internet of Things are currently very little or not at all protected.” Philippe Wolf, Project Leader at the IRT SystemX

The institute’s CHESS platform enables the research work to:

  • Process big data
  • Model and simulate attacks
  • Visualise threats
  • Experiment and develop innovative technologies

Presentation video of the CHESS platform


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