SystemX and The Blockchain Group are proud to announce the acquisition of SystemX Transfert – the knowledge transfer subsidiary pf the institute – as part of the capital of The Blockchain Xdev, an entity of The Blockchain Group which specializes in technological consulting and marketing in the field of Blockchain technology.

SystemX Transfert becomes a 15% shareholder of The Blockchain Xdev. In this way, IRT SystemX is initiating a spin-off policy so as to increase its impact with its industrial partners.

The Blockchain Xdev thus becomes a relay for the industrialization of technological bricks from SystemX R & D projects. The entity is licensed to use IRT’s blockchain-oriented assets to support the design, integration and supervision of Blockchain solutions within its customers’ IT infrastructure. Through this new collaboration, SystemX and The Blockchain Group will share the common ambition to complete the blockchain landscape by bringing out a reference player in charge of supporting the industry in the adoption and use of this technology in their business lines.

The management of The Blockchain Xdev is provided by Charles Kremer, previously Director of the SystemX Intelligent Territories Program and in charge of the Institute’s Blockchain activities. At the same time, Charles remains involved within SystemX, in particular with a view to ensure a strong anchorage between the two structures.

With about 20 engineers and researchers in the field of Blockchain technology, SystemX is one of the leading research institutes that have developed a technological and scientific expertise associated with this field in France: in the context of R&D projects, with its industrial and academic partners, it studies new uses in the fields of mobility, energy and finance and removes the associated technological barriers, building on its BEST experimentation platform, and develops software bricks that strengthen the competitiveness of the industry in this area. Blockchain XDev enables IRT partners to benefit from its support for the development and industrialization of their Blockchain projects.

“This is the first spin-off of SystemX Transfert. The creation of this knowledge transfer subsidiary is perfectly aligned with the mission which was entrusted to institutes for technological research, which was to ensure the socio-economic application of its results. Our collaboration with The Blockchain XDev allows us to transfer digital assets from our projects to our partners and to create value over the long term. More generally, by developing a spin-off policy, we want to offer our talents that have an entrepreneurial spirit, the opportunity to benefit from our support in the realization of their project “, explains Paul Labrogère, Director General of SystemX.


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