SystemX Transfert, technology transfer subsidiary of the IRT SystemX, has entered the capital of The Blockachain Xdev, entity of The Blockchain Group specializing in technology consulting and marketing in June 2019. With this new collaboration, SystemX and The Blockchain Group aspire to complete the blockchain landscape by creating a key player in charge of supporting the industru in the adoption and use of this technology for their business lines.


Both entities have already launched five innovation projects, involving ten partners:


PCC Project : Passport for Connected Car

Partners : Covea, PSA Group, IMA (Innovation Makers Alliance), MATMUT, Mobivia,

Objectives :

  • Define and share a common product vision of the connected vehicle passport.
  • Validate the business model and product governance for the benefit of all stakeholders and demonstrate that the blockchain technology promotes coopetition between industry players.
  • Create a European or global reference architecture, federating the ecosystem.

Results :

  • A white paper related to the definition of the product of the Connected Vehicle Passport


V2B Projet : Vehicle to Blockchain

Partners : EDF, Valeo

Objectives :

  • Demonstrate the benefit of blockchain technology in the implementation of a local self-consumption energy solution integrating the electric vehicle.
  • Define the right level of scale of a decentralized collective self-consumption solution vis-à-vis the energy aggregator.
  • Design and validate the technical feasibility of a blockchain solution.

Results :

  • Implementation of a physical demonstrator and a blockchain simulator to demonstrate the technical feasibility of the solution and validate the choice of blockchain technology


BAF Project BAF : Blockchain for Air France

Partner : Air France

Objectives :

  • Implement a blockchain solution to ensure baggage traceability.
  • Ensure a transparent framework of collaboration between the various players in the management of baggage allowing the implementation of bonus / penalty system.
  • Integrate the solution with the information systems of Air France and its partners (Aéroports de Paris, subcontractors).

Results :

  • Definition of a minimum viable product (MVP) integrated within Air France’s information systems, making luggage traceability possible.


CACF project, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance

Partner : Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance

Objectves :

  • Analyze and understand the main market challenges of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance and the potential of blockchain technology to meet its ambitions..
  • Define and justify priority use cases..
  • Organize and propose a subdivision of technical and deliverable activities based on an iterative and incremental development principle of Proof of Concept.

Result :

  • Development of a business opportunities framework for the CACF group on blockchain technology


BLI Project : Blockchain for Libriciel

Partner : Libriciel

Objectives :

  • Demonstrate the benefits of blockchain technology for the creation of a federation of instances of the electronic signing “i-parapheur” and identify the possibilities for security and performance on the interfaces as well as the management of authorizations.
  • Propose solutions to govern the federation of instances, based on the blockchain in a framework of multi-stakeholder collaboration of document validation circuits.
  • Implement an IPNG-BC blockchain solution (ie.i-parapheur blockchain) to set up an interconnection system of i-Parapheur instances.

Results :

  • Definition of functional specification files and architecture specifications and minimum viable product delivery to migrate the IPNG solution to a blockchain technology.



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