The CDF project focuses on the laser metal deposition (LMD) additive manufacturing process which is used to generate and repair 3D workpieces by metal powder spraying.

CDF is IRT SystemX’s first project in the field of additive manufacturing, linked to the inter-IRT FIT Additive Manufacturing program involving the Jules Verne, M2P, SystemX and Saint Exupéry IRTs.

The CDF project concerns the process of laser metal deposition (LMD) – also referred to as direct energy deposition – which is derived from the hardfacing process developed some thirty years ago. The industrial partners involved in the project are interested in 3D laser deposition by powder spraying because it is particularly suitable for repairing critical parts (for helicopter or aircraft engines, for example). However, there is a lack of simulation and programming tools for the machines capable of making the best use of the process and ensuring wider use in industry. It is on this aspect that IRT SystemX and its partners will be collaborating over a 30-month period.

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