Cybersecurity is the third topic to be addressed by START@SystemX, a unique open innovation initiative giving startups the opportunity to boost their technologies and business.


SystemX has announced the two successful candidates for Season 1 of START@SystemX Cybersecuritycraft ai and TrustInSoft. The two companies will join the EIC project (Environment for Interoperability and integration in Cybersecurity), led by the IRT SystemX in conjunction with ANSSI, for a period of six months. Alongside the project’s industrial partners, they will test their technologies on the CHESS (Cybersecurity Hardening Environment for Systems of Systems) platform with a view to developing new areas of innovation in connected system cybersecurity.

START@SystemX will give them the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise and the relevance of their technology bricks, as well as actively contribute to the development of innovative technologies that will help make architectures more resilient to cyberattacks and improve our understanding of emerging threats.

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