With 17 research projects, 61 industrial partners and 14 academics, the SystemX Technological Research Institute (IRT) came of age in 2015. This activity report will allow you to find out more about the activities of the institute over the year 2015 and its development prospects for the years to come.

“Success: that sums up 2015 for our Institute, which has completed its first three-year phase successfully”, states Pascal Cléré, SystemX President.

Since it was officially created on February 1, 2012, from the PIA (investments for the future) program, SystemX has been able to impose its expertise and form a critical mass of skills in digital engineering of tomorrow’s systems, in the fields of transport, communications, digital security and energy.
The year 2015 thus marks the end of the first development phase for SystemX, the “model establishment” phase. Over this period, the institute has developed a unique technological base around 17 research projects that include 61 industrial partners and 14 academics. Its teams’ expertise has enabled seven reference technology platforms to be created.

The coming years offer new challenges and achievements for SystemX. For the years 2016-2020, its first ambition will be to accelerate innovation via its research and development activities, so that the institute can assist industry in digitally transforming companies and products.
Read our activity report to discover our highlights and achievements in the year 2015 and find out more about our strategic roadmap up to 2020.


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