This vast research program aims to combine artificial intelligence technologies with the methods already deployed by industrial engineering, in order to optimize operational performances but also to assist in the necessary transformation of jobs.

The IA2 program, unique in terms of its size and format, meets the expectations of industry players who are involved in designing, developing and validating systems. Through six collaborative R&D projects and an upstream academic project, entrusted to a leading public figure – Marc Schoenauer, Inria Saclay, the IRT SystemX offers to develop solutions that hybridise three modelling and simulation approaches: physical modelling systems, the use of business knowledge or behaviour models expressed by experts, and the learning models based on real data that the technologies of Artificial Intelligence offer today.

“For the resolution of an industrial problem, it is generally a unique approach which is used today, resulting either from scientific calculation, or from the representation of knowledge, or from statistical learning. Used in isolation, each of the three approaches, even if well equipped, has its limits. The IA2 program aims to develop and implement approaches that hybridise these different scientific fields. It is one of the roles of the IRT to detect new scientific advances and to bring together industry players and academics around a major issue such as that of the AI hybridization”, explains Patrice Aknin, Scientific Director of IRT SystemX.

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