Project description

Respond to security & privacy challenges related to autonomous and connected vehicle deployment.



Vehicles are increasingly communicative, cooperative with their environment (roads, panels, other users) and autonomous. This opening to the outside allows for the development of new applications but at the same time introduces a complexity that exposes the system to new types of cyber attacks.

Launched in 2017 for a three-year period, the SCA project aims to ensure the security of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications to guard against cyber attacks while protecting the privacy of citizens. All project work is evaluated through experiments and road tests.

Expected results

  • Securing ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) via the study of several major components:
    • analysis of different cases of innovative uses of autonomous and connected vehicles,
    • security assessment and penetration tests,
    • interoperability of communication systems,
    • scalability and dynamic scaling of PKI C-ITS,
    • evolution of crypto-agility systems.

Implemented skills

Data science and AI
Digital security and blockchain

Targeted targets

  • Local authorities

Supervised thesis in the framework of the project

Misbehavior Detection for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (Institut Mines-Télécom)

Badge Defense and securityBadge Mobility and autonomous transport
Defense and security
Mobility and autonomous transport
Project Status:État du projet : Completed
Industrial partner(s):Partenaire(s) industriel(s) :
ATOS IDnomic Oppida Groupe PSA Groupe Renault Transdev Trialog Valeo YoGoKo
Academic Partner(s)Partenaire(s) académique(s)
Institut Mines-Télécom IRT SystemX
Project Manager(s)Chef(s) de projet
Arnaud Kaiser

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