To meet the “privacy-security” challenges involved in deploying autonomous vehicles, SystemX is launching a new project on cooperative ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) communications security between vehicles and between vehicles and their environment.


SystemX is continuing its research in autonomous vehicles and is now involved in ITS cybersecurity, with its SCA (Secure Cooperative Autonomous systems) project. Its goal is to guarantee secure communications between vehicles and between vehicles and infrastructure, as well as to protect against cyberattacks, and ensure privacy.

The project team will examine the problem of secure ITS communications along the following lines:

  • Analysis of innovative usage cases involving autonomous vehicles.
  • Study of how crypto-agility systems have evolved
  • Security assessment and penetration tests.
  • Improving interoperability of communications systems.
  • Moving up to the scale and dynamic sizing of PKI C-ITS.

This new project continues the ISE project (ITS SEcurity), completed in June 2017, which enabled the security infrastructure for cooperative ITS to be developed.

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