Encourage the emergence of an industrial sector around execution platforms for rail systems, both main line and urban.

The FSF project has been launched in May 2013 in order to encourage the emergence of an industrial sector around execution platforms for rail systems, both main line and urban. Specifically, researches conducted within the project responded to three objectives:

  • Organize operational hardware and software resources so that the execution platform attains the performance, security-of-operation, availability and safety goals for a given system.
  • Specify the necessary services, and characterize the available resources between the execution platform and the software subsystems, to ensure that there is independence between the design cycles of the two parties.
  • Integrate a continuous validation process into the software design workflow, taking account of the characteristics of the execution platform configured for the system being developed.



FSF project’s publications

Ensuring Dependability and Performance for CPS Design: Application to a Signaling System

D. Cancila, F. Guenab, A. Koudri, E. Soubiran, L. Wouters

Elseveir Volume: Cyber-physical systems: foundation, principle and application, 2016

Hard Real Time and Mixed Time Criticality on Off-The-Shelf Embdedded Multi-cores

A. Cohen, D. Potop Butucaru, M. Pouzet, E. Soubiran, Z. Zhang, V. Perrelle

ERTS, 2016

A meta-model for the Isabelle API

F. Tuong, B. Wolf

Archive of Formal Proof, 2015

Automatic selection and composition of model transformations alternatives using evolutionary algorithms

S. Rahmoun, E. Borde, L. Pautet


Collaborative Model-Driven Engineering

L. Wouters

IRT SystemX, 2015

Integration the ISO/EIC 15288 Systems Engineering Standard with the PMBoK Project Management Guide to Optimize the Management of Engineering Project

R. Xue, C. Baron, P. Esteban, L. Zheng

CSD&M, 2015

Multi-Objectives Refinement of AADL Models for the Synthesis Embedded Systems (μ -RAMSES)

S. Rahmoun, E. Borde, L. Pautet

ICECCS, 2015

Architecture Models Refinement for Fine Grain Timing Analysis

E. Borde, L. Pautet, S. Rahmoun

RSP, 2014

Feasibility Study in the use of contract-based approaches to deal with safety-related properties in CPS

D. Cancila, R. Passerone, E. Soubiran

De-CPS, 2014

Meta-Programming in Isabelle/HOL The Case of UML

Longuet, F. Turon, B. Wolf

DigiCosme, 2014

Mixed-criticality in Railway Systems: A Case Study on Signalling Application

A. Cohen, V. Perrelle, D. Potop-Butucaru, E. Soubiran, Z. Zhang

Workshop on Mixed Criticality for Industrial Systems, 2014

PDP 4PS: Periodic-Delayed Protocol for Partitioned Systems

A. Jaouën, E. Borde, L. Pautet, T. Robert

AdaEurope, 2014

Reconciling performance and predictability on a many-core through off-line mapping

A. Jaouën, E. T. Carle, M. Djemal, D. Potop Butucaru, R. de Simone, Z. Zhang, F. Pecheux, F. Wajbuers

RePP, 2014

R Static mapping of real-time applications onto massively parallel processor arrays

T. Carle, M. Djemal, D. Potop Butucaru, R. de Simone, Z. Zhang, F. Pecheux, F. Wajbuers

14th International Conference on Application of Concurrency to System Design, 2014

Towards a Tool for Featherweight OCL: A Case Study On Semantic Reection

D. Longuet, F. Tuong, B. Wolff

OCL, 2014

New modelling approach to construct Test model for railway embedded systems

A. Mechraoui, P. Poisson, E. Soubiran

UCAAT, 2013

Project timeline

Badge Mobility and autonomous transport
Mobility and autonomous transport
Project Status:État du projet : Completed
Industrial partner(s):Partenaire(s) industriel(s) :
Alstom Transport APSYS Esterel Technologies Krono-Safe Scaleo Chip
Academic Partner(s)Partenaire(s) académique(s)
CEA Inria Institut Mines-Télécom IRT SystemX Université Paris-Sud
Project Manager(s)Chef(s) de projet
Elie Soubiran

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