In February 2013, Frédéric Tuong became the first PhD student at SystemX. He recalls his three years of doctoral studies in the FSF (Safe and Reliable Embedded Systems) project, under the Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique (LRI).

What is the subject of your thesis?

Briefly, it is about strengthening UML/OCL (Unified Modelling Language / Object Constraint Language) specifications, by building formal machine-monitored semantics. We have thus built a quite particular meta-tool within the Isabelle framework.

What are your impressions after your three years here?

I am very pleased that collaboration between Université Paris-Sud and IRT SystemX resulted in creation of my PhD contract. By joining the FSF project, i was able to exchange with colleagues from different fields. For instance, I was lucking enough to work with partners such as Alstom.

What is your best memory at SystemX?

Oh, there were lots! The first event I was fortunate enough to attend was very important to me. It was the official inauguration of the IRT, on February 21 2013, which took place at Nano-INNOV in Palaiseau, in fact where SystemX has its premises. Many academic and industrial players were present at this first event.

What are your future projects?

For the moment, I am taking a short holiday because I have just recently defended my thesis. In the long term, I would like to continue in the daily working environment of a technological research institute, like the one I discovered on joining IRT SystemX. I would like to thank my colleagues for their help and support throughout my PhD.


More about Frédéric Tuong
Thesis subject: « Construction of logics – Semantically correct Object for Specific Domain Languages based on UML/OCL » (École Doctorale Sciences et Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication, Université Paris-Sud/Université Paris-Saclay).
R&D project: Safe and Reliable Embedded Systems (FSF)
Qualification: Master 2 degree in IT Research, Université Paris-Diderot


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