OPTIS joins the project “Simulation for the safety of autonomous vehicle” (SVA), launched by the IRT SystemX, to bring its know-how in simulation of optical sensors to tests by the use of virtual prototypes of autonomous vehicles.

The automotive industry has embarked on a race for the development of autonomous vehicles to provide a breakthrough response to global demand for greater and easier mobility. The SVA (Autonomous Vehicle Safety Simulation) project, launched by IRT SystemX as part of the Autonomous Vehicle Plan of New France Industrial, aims to respond by numerical simulation to the challenge posed by the complexity of the demonstration of the autonomous vehicle’s safety. Indeed, this complexity, linked both to the large number of situations encountered on the road, to their uncertainties and to embedded technologies, makes validations by tests in real uses extremely expensive, or even impossible for some.

OPTIS today joins the SVA project to meet a growing need for design and testing through the use of realistic virtual prototypes in the field of ADAS in particular.



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