Romain joined IRT SystemX in September 2013 to begin a thesis on the subject of a generic, efficient approach to mixed criticality sequencing for multi-core processors. He describes his work at the ELA (Automobile Electronics and Software) project, under the supervision of Télécom ParisTech.

What was the subject of your thesis?

There are many embedded processors in vehicles that execute many applications. Not all these applications have the same criticality levels, since they do not all have the same effect on the safety of the car. Some serve to brake while others serve to control the radio, for instance: obviously, the brake application is more critical than the radio controller.

For my thesis, I created a scheduling algorithm for mixed criticality systems. This algorithm determines the order in which applications of differing criticality should be executed on the same computer safely and efficiently. Our algorithm has demonstrated its effectiveness, not least when it was applied to a test case from our industrial partners, and showed that it can schedule it with fewer processors than algorithms currently in use.

What memories do you have?

The IRT enabled me to write a very concrete thesis in an environment that was both industrial and academic. My colleagues came from various horizons and our discussions were all the more interesting because of that.

What was your best memory at SystemX?

The event organized by Witold Klaudel, our project manager, the day the ELA project was wound up. It was a very joyous event and the whole project team was able to get together for one last time.

What are your future projects?

I am currently working at Télécom ParisTech on a scientific article. Later on I hope to work abroad for a few years.


More about Romain Gratia
Thesis subject
: A generic, efficient approach to mixed criticality sequencing for multi-core processors.
R&D Project : ELA (Automobile Electronics and Software)
Qualification : Engineering degree from Ensem (École nationale supérieure d’électricité et de mécanique de Nancy)




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