Kwami joined IRT SystemX in January 2014 to write his thesis on multimodal transport system modelling for large networks. Here he revisits the doctorate he completed within the MIC project (Modelling – Interoperability – Cooperation), which was supervised by the French institute of science and technology for transport, spatial planning and networks (IFSTTAR).

What was the subject of your thesis?

In the framework of my thesis, I was interested in the modeling of vehicular multimodal traffic in large transportation systems. The considered transportation systems comprise different modes such as private vehicle, bus, coach, ride-and-share, carpool, taxi, etc. I developed traffic models and a dynamic traffic guidance model for very large road networks.
My traffic models are based on fluid dynamics. The models take into account the transport demand, the road infrastructure and the optimization of its capacities. They can easily provide a time forecast for traffic on very large networks where there is a lack of actual data for information. The dynamic guidance model estimates traffic based on the dynamic traffic assignment according to journey times, the flow and density of vehicles on the network, as well as real-time traffic variability. I incorporated the traffic at intersections in my models to predict the volume of traffic accurately and improve flows.
I designed a traffic flow simulator to regulate vehicular multimodal traffic. This tool should help transport operators and local authorities with their flow management strategies.

What did you gain from your doctorate?

I had the opportunity to work with manufacturers, adding another level of authenticity to my doctoral work. I acquired during my Ph.D. thesis skills in modeling, simulation and traffic management, thanks my thesis supervisors and my work.

What is your fondest memory of your time at SystemX?

The MIC@SystemX events during which the project highlighted recent developments within IRT SystemX and with its partners. They gave me the opportunity not only to show my work but also to find out what my colleagues had been working on.

What projects do you have in the pipeline?

I will continue my research as a postdoctoral researcher or move into industry to carry out applied research in machine learning and data analysis.

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Thesis subject: Modeling of Multimodal transportantion systemx of larg networks (supervised by IFSTTAR)
Degree: Master’s degree in applied mathematics, Université Lille 1
R&D Project: MIC – Modelisation Interoperability Cooperation


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