Fallilou Diop joined IRT SystemX in January 2015 to work on a thesis dedicated to probabilistic analyses for the study of electricity distribution networks. He looks back on his doctorate, which was completed as part of the Smart City Energy Analytics (SCE) project of IRT SystemX and supervised by CentraleSupélec.


What is the topic of your thesis?
The central topic of my doctorate was based on the study of photovoltaic panels and low voltage and medium voltage electricity distribution networks. More specifically, the objective of my thesis was to estimate the impacts of photovoltaic production on electricity distribution networks.
The particularity of photovoltaic production lies in its intermittent nature: in a single day, there may be several random variations in production. In order to take into account this intermittency, I developed probabilistic models which, thanks to a modelling of the photovoltaic production and the consumption of the electric vehicles, make it possible to estimate the impacts of the photovoltaic production and the consumption of the electric vehicles on electricity networks. This estimate can be used by the network manager during the planning and sizing phases of network equipping.

What do you remember from your doctorate?
The doctorate is a very demanding exercise, requiring a lot of intellectual effort and a great personal investment. I learned to excel and endure to complete my work. I was fortunate to have great scientific, technical and moral support from my supervisors at IRT SystemX and CentraleSupélec for the entire duration of my thesis.

What was the favourite part that you can remember about your time with SystemX?
The first edition of the event ThesisDay@SystemXin 2017. I was delighted to take on the challenge of popularizing the “3mn to Convince” contest and to be awarded the Jury Prize. Indeed, I am very reserved in nature and this contest has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone thanks to a unique support of IRT SystemX and the Agent Majeur agency.

What are your plans for the future?
I was hired in April as a consultant at Yélé, a consulting company specializing in energy and digital technology. I am currently on a mission at Enedis, where I participate in the development of a software to carry out studies on low voltage and medium voltage distribution networks.


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Thesis subjectProbabilistic analysis for distribution electrical network study
Qualification obtained before the doctorate: Master’s Degree in Engineering from Supélec
R&D project: Smart City Energy Analytics (SCE)

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