Raissa Pokam joined SystemX in 2014 to work on a thesis dedicated to the design of an interface with augmented reality for autonomous driving. She looks back at her PhD in the Localization and Augmented Reality (LRA) project and supervised by University of Valenciennes and University of Bretagne Sud.


What is the topic of your thesis?

In my PhD, I proceeded from the premise that augmented reality boosts a driver’s confidence in his automated vehicle, by helping to better understand his driving environment. The objective of my thesis was to determine what is the most relevant information to communicate to the driver through a head-up display.
In order to do this, I have had to answer three underlying questions: What are the pieces of information to display? How do we display such information? When do we display them?I was particularly interested in the information to display during the lane changing phase. Indeed, this requires considering several environmental parameters and to justify the behaviour of the car in automated mode.
A part of my work has been used by Renault group to design the recently tested Symbioz prototype interface.

What do you remember from your doctorate?

SystemX gave me the opportunity to enhance my thesis by interacting with people from very different industrial and academic backgrounds. I have also developed my knowledge in many fields related to future, such as the Smart Home or cybersecurity, thanks to other R & D projects carried out within the institute.

Can you tell us about your best memory at SystemX?

I was fortunate to be selected for the Paris-Saclay final of the contest “My PhD thesis in 180 seconds”. The challenge was to deliver, in just three minutes, a clear, concise and compelling presentation of my research project to a layman audience. I was able to enjoy special support from my colleagues at SystemX who was there for me throughout the competition.

What are your plans for the future?

I wish to work in research and development in the field of design of interfaces or of other systems.


Find out more about Raissa Pokam
Thesis subject: Design of an interface with augmented reality for autonomous driving
Project: Localization and Augmented Reality (LRA)
Qualification obtained before the doctorate: Engineering Degree in Operating Safety / Master’s Degree in Systems Optimization and Safety (Université Technologique de Troyes)
> Review the performance of Raissa during the final of the Paris-Saclay contest “My thesis in 180 seconds”


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