Abood Mourad joined SystemX in 2016 to work on a thesis dedicated to the synchronization of passenger and freight flows in urban areas. He revisits his thesis that he completed within the Anthropolis Chair carried by the IRT SystemX and CentraleSupélec.

What was the topic of your PhD thesis?
My work focused on the topic of shared mobility for passengers (ridesharing, carpooling, etc) and goods (for example when someone delivers a package for one of his neighbours on his way home from work). My goal was to develop optimization methods to make it possible to synchronise these shared mobility flows. For this purpose, I have developed different models in order to deploy a ridesharing system with autonomous vehicles as well as a system that combines the flows of passenger and goods. This shared mobility will be characterised by a significant contribution to reducing our environmental footprint in the coming years.

What do you remember from your doctorate?
The IRT SystemX has allowed me to develop many skills in the field of managing a research project involving academic and industrial partners. I also had the opportunity to interact with many specialists in my field, which enriched my professional network.

Can you tell us your favourite memory from your time with SystemX?
I remember the day I had to present my thesis to an audience within 3 minutes during the ThesisDay@SystemX event. The exercise of popularization, synthesis and oral delivery was a great challenge for me, especially since French is not my mother tongue. I had the chance to benefit from a genuine support from the institute and I am delighted to have participated in this adventure, which has brought a lot to me.

What are your plans for the future?
I will begin a post-doctorate position at CentraleSupélec dedicated to the installation of recharging stations for electric vehicles on the Saclay plateau.


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Name of the PhD thesis: Synchronization of passenger and goods flows in urban areas
Qualification obtained before the doctorate: Master’s Degree in the optimization and operational research from the University of Nantes
R & D project: Anthropolis chair


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