Autonomous and connected vehicles are around the corner, yet they still face challenges in keeping their data secure.

The ISE (ITS Security) project aims to provide security management for ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) systems. It is crucial for ITS systems to be able to process thousands of messages per second in total privacy, in accordance with the French national law and European directives. This requires for the infrastructure of the ISE project to be largely scalable so that it may be able to handle the thousands of requests sent per second.


Pierpaolo Cincilla, research engineer at SystemX for the ISE project, obtained a grant of $5,000.00 from AWS (Amazon Web Services) on June 19, 2015. This fund provides access to an ideal environment to test the large scale deployment of the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) infrastructure, which needs to be hugely scalable in order to handle the billions of digital identifiers sent to embedded ITS stations.

AWS research grants are awarded four times a year to unique, and scalable projects that manage to publicize themselves across public platforms via papers or events. The grant is awarded for two years, after an online request on the AWS website and the selection process.  AWS grants are assigned to top-level research institution wordwide such as Berkeley, Oxford, University of San Francisco and MIT.


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