This handbook reports on the work and highlights of the year 2014. It will allow you to find out more about the progress of the institute’s activities and its significant impact within the Paris-Region ecosystem in the field of digital systems engineering.

The primary task of SystemX is to accelerate the digital transformation of industry in order to manage the impact of digital technology on production lines, from design through to product development. Advanced manufacturing, embedded systems, autonomous transport, energy management, cybersecurity and cloud computing are at the core of SystemX issues, and reinforced by the plans for the “New Industrial France” (NFI) implemented by the government.


In addition to the rapid collection of initial results, the aim was to establish a robust scientific base. With the recently announced establishment of the Scientific and Technological Management Board, this will involve the design and implementation of the scientific strategy for SystemX in line with our research programs and projects, as well as ensuring its promotion nationally and internationally. The Board will also contribute to the successful integration of the institute in the academic ecosystem, and will ensure the quality of SystemX production and scientific activities.


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